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 What's your definition of evil?

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What's your definition of evil? Empty
PostSubject: What's your definition of evil?   What's your definition of evil? Icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2007 4:29 pm

Mine is a man who's been married to a woman for 30yrs then is suddenly found out to be an adulterer for most of those years and has a child to another woman, leading a second life unbeknown to his wife, and this is a real life story. He eventually got caught out when a friend of his wife saw him with his other pretend wife at a pub together, the friend of his wife asking if she'd split up with him, lol, caught out in the act. Is that evil or what?, how could he look at his wife and children in their eyes all those years and live a lie like that very deceptive and vile in my book,evil affraid . Also controlling a person by brainwashing, is that evil?, I think television brainwashes people into believing that a certain product is good and healthy for you when really it's not. Can you think of any more
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What's your definition of evil?
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